I treat the camera like a person - I gaze into it. Photos are a flat thing, and you need to put life into them.
— Cara Delevingne


Who am I?

My name is Gabriel, I'm finishing a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering. Creating machines is my main job but photography helps me stay balanced. As you can see, I really enjoy traveling and being outdoors, that's why I capture the earth from many different angles.

Why am I a photographer?

I started photography to remember the wonderful places I've visited. It became more important for me when I started to capture what surrounded me. As an engineer, I've always wanted to create things by choosing an idea that nobody thought of. It's the same with photography, I like to shoot a landscape from an angle that nobody has tried. This is what defines me as a photographer. I do it so people can't get tired of looking at their photos. I want them to be amazed by the work I've done for them, not just satisfied. I also like the challenge of composing a good picture, it requires a lot of patience and sometimes chance.

Why Gazed Photography?

I've been searching for a name that would best decribe my relationship with the subject I like to shoot, and I've stopped my choice on the word gaze. Here's the definition: "look steadily and intently, especially in admiration, surprise, or thought" *. The past tense means that I've been gazing into my lens to capture the subject, whether it's a landscape or a person. If I'm not interested by it, I'll never push the shutter, that's why sometimes, I wait a long time before taking the shot.

*From Cambridge dictionary

What are my prices?

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What gear do I use?

  • Sony A7III
  • Sony A7RII
  • Zeiss Batis 18mm F2.8
  • Sony G-master 24-70mm F2.8
  • Sony G-master 70-200mm F2.8
  • Godox V860IIS
  • Godox TT685S
  • Godox TT600S
  • Godox X1T-S

With whom have I worked?

Here are a few clients I've had the pleasure to work with.